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Working groups | Africa | What we stand for

What we stand for

Create new structures, adapted to the needs of a truly African form of development, and change the methods that have been forced upon us.

Patrice Lumumba (first prime minister of independent Congo, murdered in 1961)

We support:

  • organizations, initiatives and networks with democratic structures
  • projects focused on human rights, women′s rights, ESC (economic, social and cultural) rights, environmentalism, youth empowerment, LCBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) equality
  • civic education, qualifications for sustainable development and peacebuilding
  • research, scholarship and cultural exchange
  • events, seminars, exhibitions

Projects should meet the following criteria:

  • initiation by organizations on the ground
  • local leadership
  • direct contact with the target group, which is invited to actively participate
  • grassroots structure, i.e., finances and staff are kept to a reasonable limit

Project applications should include:

  • names, addresses and profiles of the applicants and contact persons, banking information
  • description of the proposed project, goals, target group, time plan
  • analysis of the problem/context
  • planned measures and activities
  • detailed budget (own resources, third-party funds, amount requested)
  • partner organizations, cooperations and/or examples of projects already implemented (if applicable)

We do not subsidize:

  • wages
  • infrastructure measures
  • political parties
  • projects whose financial volume exceeds our means to such an extent that even partial financing does not appear meaningful
  • long-term programs

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