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Application process

Applications for funding must be submitted to the appropriate working group. Each working group administers its own grant budget, decides on the allocation of those monies according to its own criteria, and has its own guidelines and allocation modalities (see working groups). As a rule, one member of the working group will assume responsibility for processing the application and clarifying questions with the applicant as necessary, and will then submit a final recommendation to the group.

The working groups meet every six to eight weeks. Therefore applicants should not expect a final decision any sooner than eight to ten weeks after submitting their application. The structure and workflow of the Foundation make lengthy processing times unavoidable.

The following applies to all applications:

We award grants only to individual, self-contained projects. We do not provide ongoing financial support for institutions or grants to individuals (scholarships, individual crises, etc.).

Applications should be submitted before the start of a project. We can provide either the entire or just a part of the financing for a project. Grants may take the form of equipment or materials, or staff funding.

Applications may be submitted at any time. Only in the case of the Er-Fahren working group must they be submitted by the end of November for the following year (see Er-Fahren working group).

Er-Fahren is also the only working group with fixed grant amounts. The other working groups tend to award smaller grants, with individual amounts seldom exceeding € 10,000.

Grants may be awarded in the following ways:

  • project-specific donations to a recognized charitable organization in return for a tax-deductible receipt
  • a grant for the applicant project
  • our own projects, which are then executed under the aegis and name of the Foundation

Application forms:

the Er-Fahren working group and the Women′s Issues working group are the only two to provide an application form.

Applications to the other working groups may be submitted in any form as long as they contain the following information:

  • name, mailing address and e-mail address of applicant
  • description of the recipient organization (kind of group or association, activities, goals etc.)
  • description of the project (goals, target group, methods, timetable)
  • budget (including all planned expenditures)
  • financing plan (all planned income) with details of the organization′s own contributions, earnings and potential grants from other subsidy institutions

Applications may be submitted by e-mail or post.

Project reports and accounting

As an independent non-profit organization, Umverteilen! is tax exempt and has to account for its expenditures to the tax authorities. For this reason, every sponsored project must provide the Foundation with a detailed report as well as a financial statement including receipts for all expenses. The financial statement must be truthful, precise and complete. The Foundation reserves the right to withdraw funding approval in the case of false or incomplete documentation.

Silvia Bodemer in the Foundation office is the contact person for all questions related to applications and project accounting (see contact us).

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