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Guidelines for applications

All project proposals must be submitted in advance in written form. Simple hand-outs and oral proposals will not be accepted.

The proposal must include the following details:

  • name and address of the organization, the name of the contact person, date and signature
  • description of the group
  • portrayal of the objectives, target group and contents of the planned project
  • detailed information about the total costs and the amount of support required
  • outline of the financial plan (budget) including internal resources and outside donors
  • information about proposals sent to other organizations or reasons why proposals have not been submitted to other potential donors

Decision making

An Asia working group member evaluates each application. This includes the clarification of questions, verification of compliance with the criteria of the Asia working group and a final recommendation.

The Asia working group

aims to decide unanimously. The member responsible for the application informs the applicant about the decision made by the Asia working group. If the proposal is accepted, he/she will maintain contact with the applicant and assess the outcome of the project, including an evaluation of how the monies were spent.

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