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Funding criteria

The ideal project

Projects we consider worthy of support should meet the following criteria:

  • initiation by those who will be affected by it
  • a democratically elected body is responsible for project leadership on the ground
  • direct contact with the target group, which is invited to actively participate
  • a grassroots structure, i.e., finances and staff are kept to a reasonable limit
  • no chance of support from the large financing institutions, due to project size, lack of experience or for political reasons

The project application must include a precise financial plan, i.e., the funds requested must be itemized according to their specific use, and a timeframe for financing must be given. We cannot support long-term programs. The current maximum grant of € 5,000 per project permits us to provide only start-up or partial financing or financing for smaller projects of limited scope.

We do not subsidize

  • travel costs, e.g., for Europeans to participate in conferences in Latin America
  • projects whose obvious purpose is to provide Europeans with a livelihood in Latin America
  • political parties
  • academic projects or projects connected with faith groups, since these generally have access to funding through their own institutions
  • projects whose financial volume exceeds our means to such an extent that even partial financing does not appear meaningful

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