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Women′s initiatives

(continuing) education, empowerment, women′s shelters

Education, information and communication are often essential prerequisites for women to exercise their rights, to pass on their experiences to others and to form networks with other women. For this reason, we support women′s initiatives that work in this area by providing seed money for material costs and, in exceptional cases, also for fees, e.g. for women lawyers, women physicians and women educators.

Casa de la Mujer Unión
Casa de la Mujer Unión is a women′s center in Montevideo, Uruguay that was founded in 1987. The project offers not only various vocational training courses, but also a broad range of consulting services. There are groups on raising political awareness, health, domestic violence and sexuality as well as recreational groups. Further information (in Spanish):

Empowerment program for women migrants
For the past ten years, approximately one million women migrants have been living in South Korea. The NGO Association for Foreign Workers′ Human Rights in Pusan runs The Empowerment Program upon Marriage-Based Migrant Women from Asian Countries. Many of the women migrants suffer from marginalization in Korean society. The general population is not welcoming towards women migrants and expects complete assimilation. The goal of the independent networking program for married women migrants from Asia is to represent their interests vis-à-vis society and the government.

Wadi, a women′s center in Kurdistan/Iraq
A mobile medical team made up of women gives first aid courses as well as training for midwives. The women who participate are from remote villages in Northern Iraq where there are no basic health care services. The women are given elementary medical instruction as well as training in the basic treatment of accident-induced injuries and acute illnesses. After completing the course, the mobile team stays in contact with the women they have trained to monitor their work and provide assistance as necessary.

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