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Our guests

A wide variety of people come to Afacan. For one there are the groups from Germany that we sponsor. Summer camps for children and young people from Turkey are also held in Afacan, and we host international work-camp projects and cross-cultural events with participants from a variety of countries (funded by the EU). The interaction between the young people from the different groups has again and again proved to be engaging and stimulating for everyone.

So far most of our guests — young people as well as adults — have felt very much at home in Afacan, even if they have to do without certain things they′re accustomed to, such as TV or nearby shopping opportunities. We know this from the positive responses in the questionnaires we pass out at the end of every stay. Our meeting center has actually become the peaceful oasis we once dreamed about.

The number of overnight stays has risen considerably — from 3,071 in 2004 to 5,468 in 2014. We still, however, have to depend on financial support from the Foundation. The budget situation continues to be difficult, in part also because we did not have the funds to furnish the facility as completely as we would have wanted to when we first opened.

It is our hope that our guests will recommend the Afacan Meeting Center to others and that more people will take advantage of it. So many different kinds of people could come together there. We have plenty of ideas, but our resources are limited. We are thankful for all kinds of support, be it in the form of ideas, new groups, money or contacts.

Afacan is open for everybody – spread the word!

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