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Media projects

Communications and media play an important role in creating women′s networks and in political and cultural education. We subsidize media projects including books (support for printing costs and translations), films and radio projects as well as websites that network women′s initiatives or offer consulting services.


Dade-e-Bidah, femmes politiques emprisonnées 1971 – 1979
A book about imprisoned women in Iran, by Vida Hadjebi Tabrizi. During the Shah′s regime, the author was a student in France and struggled against the Iranian government from there. After returning to Iran, she was imprisoned because of her political activities. Twenty years later, she wrote the first account of the experiences of the women imprisoned under the Shah. The book covers different groups and their experiences of torture, resistance, life in the close confines of the prison cells and their hopes and ideals.


(Mercedes Olivera y Bustamente feminist collective) A.C. in San Cristóbal de las Casas runs two radio programs: Voces de Mujer and Aquellare, which are broadcast in eleven municipalities in the Mexican state of Chiapas. Both programs create a platform for conveying information by and for women without discrimination and sexism. The goal is to promote women′s rights, combat domestic and sexual violence, and support women′s political participation.
Information on the radio station and the women′s programs (in Spanish) at:


Maimouna – la vie devant moi
This documentary by Fabiola Maldonado and Ulrike Sülzle depicts the struggle of the African organization Bangr Nooma against the genital mutilation of young girls in Burkina Faso.
The film team accompanies staff member Maimouna, herself a victim of genital mutilation, as she travels from village to village providing medical information to the villagers and discussing with them the reasons and consequences of genital mutilation.
Further information (in German):

Wer bist du, dass du sprichst
A film by Maria Binder and Verena Franke about five women and transsexuals in Istanbul.
Further information:

Freiräume – Lebensträume, arabische Filmemacherinnen
The author Rebecca Hillauer presents Arab women filmmakers and describes their living and working conditions.
German publisher:
The English version is available from


Women′s film festival in Minsk
We have helped support various initiatives in Belarus, including symposia and film weeks/film festivals that were launched by various women′s organizations and associations more than twelve years ago in Minsk and its surroundings. The focus of the events is to raise awareness of the creativity, health and social involvement of the women living there. The first women′s film festival invited women directors from all the former Soviet republics. There were encounters between physicians working on Chernobyl, genetic researchers and film directors from the East and the West.


think.tank.feministyczny A feminist platform in Poland

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