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Priorities for supporting projects

We work towards emancipatory social and political change. We support projects in Latin America which aim to strengthen human rights, promote self-determination, create a counterpublic, as well as encourage exchange and networking between grassroots political groups. Our support thus primarily goes to the initiatives and concrete struggles of indigenous peoples, rural and urban workers, women, low-income neighborhoods, peasants, migrants, and many more.

Most of the projects we have supported so far are socio-political initiatives. Our first priority has been to support political, social, and environmental education and alternative awareness raising campaigns (in the form of radio programs, books, newspapers, exhibitions, etc.).

Neoliberal restructuring has led to the marginalization of a large portion of the Latin American population, and we receive many applications for poverty eradication projects. Our political profile and the limited funds we have at our disposal make us cautious in this regard. We are committed to providing funding only for projects striving for political and societal change. One example is an artisan cooperative that is also involved in political networking and, together with other social movements, works to change local social and economic conditions.

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