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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made up of one or two representatives from every working group. Its primary role consists in distributing the funds allocated by the Board to the working groups. As a rule every working group receives the same amount. If one of the groups has a special need, it must inform the Steering Committee in advance.

The Steering Committee also decides on large, joint projects or the creation of ad hoc groups (see our history | awarding grants ).

There are also various decisions (see section 13 of the statutes) that the Steering Committee and the Board must make together.

The Steering Committee meets three times a year.

The members of the Steering Committee are:

Jörg Longmuß, Sonja von Eichborn (Africa working group)
Heino Güllemann, Samia Dinkelaker (Asia working group)
Ernst Meyer, Ramona Bornmann (dritte Welt – Hier! working group)
Gisela Böhnhardt (Er-Fahren working group)
Maria Binder, Verena Franke (Women′s Issues working group)
Christian Russau, Stefan Knauer (Latin America working group)

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