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Application process


The applications must be submitted, in writing, by December 15 of any given year. Applicants can expect a response by January at the latest. Decisions are made based on the criteria outlined above and our financial resources. Please apply for funding only for the number of participants who will actually be traveling and not for a few extra “just in case,” which makes planning very difficult for us. Additional funds can be applied for later if your group ends up being larger than anticipated.

The application form can be requested from the Foundation office or can be downloaded here.

weiter   application form (Word document)

Flight reservations and registration

All registrations for Afacan made from Germany are handled by Gençtur Berlin (address below). As soon as you have received your funding approval, you can book your stay in Afacan with Gençtur.

We also strongly recommend booking your flights with Gençtur Berlin. They have been our reliable travel agent for decades and are well practiced in accommodating a variety of needs, as well as being a valuable source of information and helpful hints as you prepare for your trip.

Gençtur Berlin
Ali Özkan
fon + 49 (0) 179 10 33 444


The Foundation normally covers the cost of your flights upon receipt of a travel agent or airline invoice. If the approved funds exceed the cost of your group’s plane tickets, arrangements can be made with the Umverteilen! office to transfer the difference to an account specified by you before travel.

As soon as possible after the trip, accounts should be settled with the Foundation office. Groups are asked to supply documentation of how the funds were spent as well as a comprehensive report about the travel experiences of both the chaperones and the children/young people (evaluation).

See also Evaluation and

weiter   pdf Evaluation and Documentation

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