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Evaluation and documentation

Participants and counselors should be collecting material for their evaluation throughout the trip. We want the groups to share their travel experiences — with us, with other groups planning their own trips and with friends and family. We ask the chaperones to prepare a comprehensive report that gives an overview of the trip′s experiences and successes as well as any problems encountered along the way. The report should also include suggestions and ways to avoid mistakes in the future, including in the planning process. We are neither interested in embellished representations nor in dry bureaucratic bulletins, but in thoughtful reports that don′t leave out the difficulties, that clearly set out the most important points and that evaluate the various aspects of the trip, including the preparation. We want to know what the goals of the trip were and whether and how these goals were reached — and if not, why not. Examples can be found in the

weiter   pdf Reports by project participants (in German)

The participants should also document their travel impressions, in whatever form — as a brochure (possibly even in both languages so that it can be shared with the Turkish hosts), a slide show, photo exhibition, play, radio feature, etc. — , which should be made with a broad audience, but also the makers themselves, in mind. More information on Turkey trip reports can be found under Links.

Umverteilen! keeps these reports and makes them available for others to read. They should be submitted within two months after returning from the trip and should include a list of all participants along with their ages and addresses. More information:

weiter   pdf Evaluation and Documentation

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